Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 1 Recap

Miles: 33

This was the first training week of twelve, so I don't have much to say. I feel good so far. My legs are adjusting. No major problems (physically) yet.

Mentally, I can already see how this is going to be tough, though. Between SBUX and my job at the YMCA, there is a lot of time where I'm working and can't train. I also want to have a life beyond work and athletics, too. I want to spend time with my husband. Relax. Feed my soul (as cheesy as that sounds). Fact is, I can't work and train non-stop or I'll get mentally and physically tired. I need a release valve, and I can see, even at this early point, that something is going to have to give somewhere. I could go down to teaching one or two days at the Y instead of three, but I hate quitting on my class. I also just took this instructing job and don't want to give up. I could go down in hours at SBUX, but that's my "real job" and I don't want to sacrifice the money or the hours.

I don't have an answer at this point, but it's something I'll definitely be thinking about in the days and weeks ahead.

For week 2: I've got a 5K race and a 12 mile long run coming up. I'm excited about the 5K. Not only does it take place at my favorite summer festival: Bastille Days, but I also get to run it with some girlfriends that I haven't seen in a few weeks. Should be fun.

See you real soon.

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