Saturday, July 3, 2010

78 Days - Speed Work

Today was a speed workout. 2 miles at "goal pace" 2 at tempo pace and then 2 at goal pace with a mile warmup and cooldown.

Even though I waited until about 630p to head out, it was still a sweaty ordeal, which I didn't mind as much as the lovely lakefront gnats that roam the Oak Leaf Trail in swarms to stick to my face, arms, and chest. I should remember, though, that I'm lucky to have a trail right outside my front door to run on any time I want, even with the hassle of gnats.

Overall, I felt good. I brought the ipod along this time to keep me pumped. One thing I noticed was that my pace was much more consistent after the two fastest miles than before. I kind of got a feel for pacing much better when I didn't have all of that energy that I was holding back.

Many of you are probably out picnicking and getting ready to see some fireworks. Have fun and be safe! Happy Fourth of July eve.

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