Friday, July 16, 2010

65 Days - 8mi Run

Eight miles. 88 degrees. No real way around running it, either. I didn't want to wait until nightfall because I knew it wouldn't make much of a difference temperature-wise, and I'd rather just get the run over with. I strapped on the Camelbak and headed out.

I tried to drink water continuously, which averaged out to about every half mile. The water gave out right at my cooldown walk.

One thing I was thinking about today during my run was that this is the time when a lot of athletes are training for long distance races - Ironmans, marathons, etc. Each of us heads out on our bikes or on a run and we go out into the world, and then back towards our homes. Kind of like a circle around an area that widens and widens with each week and as the miles increase. Now, our circles are starting to intersect. I see a lot of runners and bikers on the Oak Leaf Trail, the farther I head South, and they are seeing me more frequently as they head north. So all of these training circles are starting to come together. It's kind of cool.

Enough of me already. Rest day tomorrow, then 13 miles on Sunday. I'll tell you now: I'm dreading it. And it's after I work for eight and a half hours on an opening shift at SBUX, too.


At least I get to see Inception tomorrow!

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