Wednesday, July 14, 2010

68 Days - 6mi Recovery and 6x100yd sprints

"What in the world is in that bag; what you got in that bag?!" Water, of course! :)

Muggy, hazy, humid, sweaty. That about sums up my recovery run. I filled my camelbak and took it with me because I figured I'd be sweating almost immediately. I was regretting this decision a lot during the first mile, when the bag was sloshing against my back, but the water was gone by the time I finished the run. I ended up taking sips every quarter mile or so, and I didn't suffer any of the lightheadedness that I usually get towards the end of heat-training runs.

With about a quarter mile left to go, I stopped at the Saint Francis seminary for my 6x100m sprints. The first sprint is always the hardest. You're trying to drive with your legs and keep your knees up and it all just feels so stupid and awkward. But your body quickly gets into it and by the third and fourth one I was flying. Well, as much as a 25 year old non sprinter can be said to "fly." In my mind, I was Usain Bolt all the way, though.

When I got home, I had to leave right away and teach my abs class at the Y. I felt really bad for them today. Not only was the workout hard, but I stank. I mean seriously. There was a lot of sweating going on.

I think heat training is the closest I can really get to an NFL summer training camp. Which I remind myself every time the going gets tough. I can't WAIT for preseason!

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