Tuesday, July 13, 2010

69 Days - 5 x .75mi's

Speed work. I both love and hate it. I hate doing it alone and I hate doing it where my coach can see me struggle. But somehow, it always makes me happy when I can look back and see my results.

I would have been a little happier with faster results, this time:
1. 5:07 (6:49/mi)
2. 5:13 (6:57/mi)
3. 5:00 (6:41/mi)
4. 5:32 (7:23/mi)
5. 5:17 (7:02/mi)

I hit a physical wall in my fourth three-quarter when I was slammed with a side cramp so severe, I was whimpering with each labored breath. Not very, "G." I think that had to do with dehydration. I thought I had gotten enough to drink prior to heading out, but I didn't. I wasn't really sweating anymore, either. During that three-quarter, I just had to slow down to a cruise and gut it out. I took my minute rest, and tried to come back from it for my final one, but I still didn't get back up to speed. One thing that cheered me a little was that, except for the fourth "crash and burn," I performed all of these quarters at a faster pace than last week. This bodes well for the aquathon later this week, when I hope to turn in a fast 5K.

The best thing about speed work, though, is that it really does make you come face to face with your limitations, but more often, your strengths. Many times I think to myself, "I can't do this; there is no way I can do this rep faster than the last," and my time proves that I can. Getting yourself to the point of intense pain, and then pushing through to achieve a faster time is something that only a speed workout can deliver. It breaks you down in the present, but builds confidence for the future - as cheesy as that sounds.

I promise I'll take some pictures or something to spice up this blog a little...

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