Thursday, July 1, 2010

Here We Go...

Thanks a lot, Bud Light, for patenting that phrase, by the way. That is the way I'm feeling right now, though. "Here we go." Excited, scared, and unable to predict exactly what the future will hold.

In 12 weeks, or more precisely, 80 days and 11 hours, I'll be standing at another starting line - one that's completely new to me. I've registered for the Fox Cities Marathon on September 19th.

Since I started this running journey three years ago, running a marathon has always been in my sights. But I really wanted to run it. Not walk portions of it or stop. I wanted to race it, as best I could. Not just participate. I wanted to compete at some level. Not just finish. Even now, I still don't feel completely confident that I can achieve those goals I've listed. But I'm ready to try.

So, it looks like this blog might get more personal than I'd originally intended it to be as I take this journey over the next 12 weeks. But I'm ok with that. I hope I'll be able to write more consistently than I've done before. I also think it will be helpful for me to reflect in this space rather than just writing my miles in a running journal.

So. Here we go.


  1. You will do awesome Laura! I think you are ready!